EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Says Damon Dash Needs To Be Muzzled, Asks For Gag Order

If lawyer Christopher Brown has his way, we will not be hearing from Damon Dash and their legal battle for awhile.

(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash’s war with a lawyer representing two people suing the mogul has completely exploded.

Attorney Christopher Brown is asking a judge to grant him a gag order against Damon Dash, who blasted the lawyer for “extorting him” in two different lawsuits. 

Brown is representing a filmmaker named Josh Webber, who claims Damon stole the movie “Dear Frank” and started remarketing it as “The List” in a dispute over funding and ownership of the movie.

Christopher Brown also represents a photographer named Monique Bunn in a $50 million lawsuit, over claims Damon stole her hard drives and sexually assaulted her when she was staying at his house in Los Angeles.

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Damon Dash has been fuming on social media while calling out Christopher Brown for targeting him.

“[Damon Dash’s] misconduct in this litigation is simply outrageous,” Christopher Brown snapped. “Making false claims that could affect a jury pool and attaching them to an unauthorized deposition photograph in this case is deplorable. [Damon Dash] must be ordered to remove the imagery from social media. Furthermore, a gag order is needed in this case and termination sanctions is requested due to [Damon Dash’s] conduct.”

Christopher Brown also claims Damon Dash took unauthorized pictures of him in court, which he labeled as “unprofessional and unprecedented conduct,” while asking the judge to sanction Damon – again.

A judge sided with Christoper Brown and sanctioned the Roc-A-Fella founder over a deposition in November.

The police were called following the deposition when it turned into a fracas after Damon Dash verbally assaulted the attorney.

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