Lee Daniels To Bring ‘Dreamgirls’ Inspired Series To FOX


Lee Daniels is looking to bring another hit series to FOX. According to EW, Daniels is working on a pilot for a series, titled Star, that follows three Atlanta girls that have formed a girl group and are trying to thrive in the music business.

“Like Empire, it’s set against the backdrop of the music business but from a very different perspective,” FOX chairman and CEO Gary Newman said in a statement. “Set Atlanta, it’s about three girls who come together to form a band and it’s about their rise to the top in a very challenging business. It’s the perspective of the artist and, without getting too much into the storyline, one of our characters is rising out of poverty and there is a a lot from Lee’s own life that’s baked into the DNA of this project.”

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Star was not only partially inspired by Daniel’s own life, but also by a major Broadway play turned all-star movie.

“Lee talks a lot about everything from Dreamgirls to modern-day girl groups that are manufactured, that are put together, that don’t have an organic reason to be together but are tied to each other and that set-up lends itself to a great soap operatic storytelling machine,” FOX Chairman and CEO Dana Walden added. “Lee loved the mixture of drama and soap and music, and thinks it’s a very potent combo.”

As he gears up for the debut of Star, the second season of Empire debuts Sept. 23rd at 9:00 p.m.