Legal War Erupts Over Tupac Merchandise


(AllHipHop News) Two big-box clothing retailers are accused of ripping off images of Tupac Shakur for a new line of shirts.

Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have been slapped with a lawsuit by photographer Danny Clinch, who shot images of Tupac Shakur for Rolling Stone in 90’s.

The legal issues started when Amaru/AWA Merchandising entered into an agreement with two companies, Bioworld Merchandising and Planet Productions, to use the photos on a line of T-shirts.

The photos and the T-shirts were eventually licensed to Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

The problem is, Tupac’s company never had the original rights to license the photograph in the first place, according to Danny Clinch’s lawsuit.

“Defendants, without the authorization, knowledge or consent of the plaintiff, deliberately and willfully copied, displayed, distributed, and sold the copyrighted photographs on such infringing T-shirts and perhaps other apparel,” according to the lawsuit.

Danny Clinch is seeking over $600,000 in damages, and he is also asking the court to order the destruction of any infringing merchandise that may be left.