Lil Baby Donating Millions Of Proceeds From “The Bigger Picture” To Charity

Lil Baby

The Atlanta rapper is proving he is more than just a rapper – he is a philanthropist as well.

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Lil Baby did not make “The Bigger Picture,” a song about civil unrest because it was the popular thing to do, he did it because he, like millions of other Black people were hurting and wanted to give voice to his pain.

One of the first things that his critics claimed is that he was jumping on the bandwagon and riding the protest wave to the top of the charts.

The rapper is showing how that’s not true.

While the song was incredibly successful, it also was received as evidence of his next level of artistry.

More evidence that the native Atlanta emcee as a Black man is growing to the next level, is his decision to donate all of the proceeds that he made off the song to organizations that are set up to help the community.

“I got 1.5 million dollars to donate off of ‘Bigger Picture’ I want the money to go we’re [sic] it’s needed,” he tweeted.

And then he followed up with a clarification, “I don’t want to donate to just any organization but I will be letting my fans kno exactly we’re [sic] the money goes.”

$1.5 million is a lot of cash, proving that “The Bigger Picture” was to be more than just a protest song.

Now it has been nominated for a Grammy next year for the Best Rap Performance Award.