Eric Wright Jr Talks Losing His Father Eazy-E To AIDS


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(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop legend Eazy-E died 20 years ago this week from complications of AIDS. The N.W.A member’s son did an interview with The Recollectors. The website highlights the stories of people that have lost family members to AIDS.

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“We arrived at Cedars-Sinai: Dad was in the hospital. I didn’t understand because he was so uplifted. It didn’t seem like anything was wrong,” recalled Eric Wright, Jr. “We were just cracking jokes on each other. He’s joking about what he wants to eat.”

Lil Eazy explained that he was not fully aware of the disease at the time. He found out about his father’s diagnosis from another member of his family.

“Finally my grandmother told me that my dad had the same thing as Magic Johnson. I was 10 at the time and didn’t understand what that was,” said Wright. “But Magic Johnson was (and is) still very much alive. So it was like, ‘Oh ok, it’s not that bad, he’s an athlete, they just don’t want to touch him and be around him. But this is my Daddy; I’m not scared to touch my Daddy.’ You don’t understand that it’s a fatal disease.”

As Wright entered his teenage years he began questioning the stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS such as the belief that only homosexuals contacted the disease. He is now involved in AIDS awareness work focusing on educating the younger generation.

Eazy-E’s daughter, E.B. Wright, has announced she is working on a documentary about her father. She stated, “It’s basically going to surround the scandal behind his death and exposing everything that happened. People don’t know what really happened.”

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