Lil Jon Turning Home Renovating Upside Down With New Show On HGTV

Lil Jon His land is his own show on HGTV and it looks like it’s going to be pretty interesting.

Say What????? Yeeeaayaahhh!

People are used to Lil Jon doing just about anything that he wants to do.

The one-time DJ turned music executive turned producer turned artist turned influencer seems to wake up and decide who he will be that day.

Welp, the GRAMMY-Award winner must have woken up a few months ago and decided that he wanted to share with the world his love for home renovation. According to his team, fans will get to see his skills on his new HGTV show “Lil Jon Wants To Do What?”

The network also dropped the good news on their Twitter account:

“ GRAMMY Award winner, Lil Jon, reveals his passion for renovation in “Lil Jon Wants To Do What?” Follow Lil Jon & expert designer/builder Anitra Mecadon (Mega Dens), as they win over home DIYers with a not-so-typical vision for their renovations. Coming this

The leader of the East Side Boyz will team up with the DIY Network’s Mega Dens’ Anitra Mecadon and give homeowners unconventional renovation ideas to transform their homes.

“I love walking into someone’s house and turning it upside down,” Lil Jon shares via a statement. “When people hear my name, they automatically think… fun! That same energy goes for my designs as well. I don’t love following design trends—I would rather be the trendsetter.”

“We are pushing our content strategy forward with the kind of unexpected shows and talent that will surprise and excite viewers across the audience spectrum,” added the president of HGTV, Jane Latman. “‘Lil Jon Wants To Do What?’ is one example of upcoming shows that have all of us rubbing our hands together with excitement. Who doesn’t want to see Lil Jon’s creative talent traverse the world of Hip Hop into the world of home renovation? We expect fans to say, ‘Yeah! Yeah!'”

You think this is gonna be hot? We sure do.

Absolutely everything single thing Lil Jon touches turns into gold.