Lil Nas X Claps Back At Reporter Who Called Him An Untalented “Little Fool”

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X responded to a reporter who called him out for “self-groping” during his “lewd” performance at the Grammys on Sunday night.

Lil Nas X fired back at a reporter who questioned the “decency” of his Grammy night attire. 

Greg Kelly, a reporter for cable TV channel Newsmax TV, took to Twitter on Monday night (Apr. 4) with a warning for the country. “‘Lil NAS has a BIG PROBLEM (And so does America)—-knock yourself out NAS,” the reporter penned. “You’re a little FOOL with zero talent!!!!” 

Lil Nas X characteristically responded to Kelly. “Damn greg,” he wrote. “All i did was wear a crop top this time 😭😭” 

Kelly, who refers to himself as an “Anti-Fake News Conservative Phenomenon” in his Twitter bio felt the need to clarify his earlier tweet.  

“It’s not the shirt NAS—it was the PUBLIC LEWDNESS,” he advised Lil Nas X. “You know there are LAWS about that in certain “jurisdictions”—but then again you were in VEGAS so who the hell knows. Bottom line: SING AND DANCE but no public self GROPING. DECENCY!” 

The “Industry Baby” artist’s response was a curt one. “Apologies,” he wrote. “Have a great night.” 

However, Kelly was not done and continued to reply. “I didn’t like the performance. That shouldn’t have been on prime time television. BUT, I can’t deny you have real talent,” Kelly conceded. “And it’s not nice to Call anyone a fool!,” he added, although he just called Lil Nas X exactly that. “You called me out in a “good natured” way. NP. Good luck, continued success, just tone it down a notch Next year !” 

Nonetheless, Lil Nas X, who wore a whopping seven theatrical Balmain fits during the Grammys, remains comfortable in his style, retweeting a fan’s post celebrating his fashion sense.  

Lil Nas X Promises To Go “Even Harder”

“Last night was my favorite performance yet,” Lil Nas said of his Grammy night set. “We lost all our grammies but that just mean it’s time to go even harder! love y’all. ♥️”  

Earlier on Monday, Lil Nas X playfully trolled the organization with a freestyle “crying” about his lack of awards despite five nominations this year.