Lil Nas X Rips Weirdo Tucker Carlson For Lying About Riots

Lil Nas X and other celebrities blasted Tucker Carlson over his blatant lies.

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(AllHipHop News) Fox News troll Tucker Carlson went after Lil Nas X and accuse the young rapper of inciting days worth of deadly riots.

Fox’s weirdest news host next to Laura Ingraham claimed artists like Janelle Monae and Halsey were encouraging rioters, by providing bail money to get protestors out of jail, after being arrested during George Floyd protests happening across the United States.

Tucker Carlson singled out Lil Nas X, who asked his 4.5 million supporters to donate to help raise bail money in cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

“Imagine if he’d used those followers instead to help small businesses destroyed by the riots he helped incite,” the wacky news host said.

Lil Nas X responded almost immediately and called out Tucker Carlson for pandering to his audience, which is made up of mostly xxx

“This man just lied and told millions of people on national television that I was inciting riots,” he tweeted. “You can’t make this up.”

A variety of celebrities rush to defend Lil Nas X including Seth Rogen and Halsey, who were also subject to Tucker’s ridiculous gas lighting. 

And Lil Nas doesn’t give a damn about Tucker Carlson’s opinion anyway, because he’s too busy using his platform to get a message of social justice out to his followers. 

Take a look at some of the wildest replies on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account right now.