Lil Xan Hospitalized After Becoming Overwhelmed By COVID-19 Stress

23-year-old rap star Lil Xan has had a troubled past with drugs, but many speculated relapse after he was rushed to the hospital for hallucinations.

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(AllHipHop News) While many are aware that the coronavirus can kill you by accelerating various respiratory diseases in the body, few people know that it can cause life-threatening anxiety.

But rapper Lil Xan knows.

According to TMZ, Lil Xan (whose name is xanxiety on Instagram) was hospitalized because he had what is being called a pandemic-induced panic attack.

Reports say that the rapper’s mother noticed that he was hallucinating and called the paramedics. Apparently, the hallucinations came from his exaggerated stress level he had from being in the house.

Now before you call foul on the call, please note that there is no word if the rapper relapsed into taking recreational drugs.

At the end of last year, he told fans that he was trying to quit taking the popular drug Xanax, but going cold turkey made him have seizures.

So let’s just believe the best for him and look to science.

According to The Department of Health for the Government of Western Australia, “Intense negative emotions such as stress or grief can make people particularly vulnerable to hallucinations … It is believed that the mental processes which operate during hallucinations include memories and images which the brain has difficulty controlling. The way that individuals react to their hallucinations also impacts on how they feel about them.”

See … the family could be telling the truth.

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He took to social media once he got out of the hospital to reflect over is life:

“Looking back at the last couple years of my life an it’s been a crazy ride,can’t wait for things to get back to normal tho so I can get back to work!love you guys and hope you all are safe,healthy and happy ❤️❤️”

Whatever it was that landed you in the hospital brother, whether it is coronavirus related, stress-related, or narcotic related, we wish you nothing but joy and happy health.