Lil Yachty Addresses Vic Mensa’s Diss, Mumble Rap & Comparisons To Trinidad James (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) A lot of observers were confused when Vic Mensa chose to fire shots at Lil Yachty during one of his recent performances.

“Then I signed to the Roc, now they say I’m Illuminati. B-tch, I’m a tsunami. What the f-ck is a Lil Yachty?” rapped the Roc Nation representative at a show last weekend.

Yachty was a guest on The Breakfast Club, and the radio show crew asked about those Mensa lyrics directed at him.

“I wasn’t upset. I just didn’t understand it, because I met him twice and he dapped me up. That’s the only time I’ve ever met him,” Yachty explained.

According to the Atlanta native, his Chicago-bred deejay called Vic about the diss the night it happened.

“[My DJ] said, ‘What’s that stuff you did with Yachty? You put me in the middle of that,'” recalled the 19-year-old also known as Lil Boat. “And [Mensa] said, ‘Oh, that made the internet,’ and laughed. So he’s really just lame.”

Earlier in the interview, Yachty spoke about being labeled a “mumble rapper.”

The “One Night” performer said, “I don’t see where I be mumbling… I’m not saying I really be ‘spitting,’ but I feel like I open up my mouth. Or I be harmonizing or singing… I’m not tripping. As long as I continue to prosper, I’ll take mumbling to the top.”

The conversation on Power 105.1 also included Charlamagne Tha God suggesting some fans consider Lil Yachty as the “poster child of wack rappers,” like fellow Atlanta native Trinidad James.

“Whoa, that’s what I’m in? We’re in two different lanes,” responded Yachty to the Trinidad comparison.

He added, “Of course it doesn’t matter, but just to sit here and hear you put me in Trinidad James’ spot, has the shine of being terrible.”