LL Cool J Posts #BlackLivesMatter Rap About George Floyd’s Murder, Racism, Looting & More

“For four hundred years, you had your knees on our necks.”

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(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop artists have expressed their views on George Floyd being killed by a Minneapolis cop in various ways. Some artists are promoting #BlackLivesMatter on social media, some artists are joining the frontlines of the protests, and some artists are donating money to causes connected to racial justice.

In addition, there have been celebrities that faced significant negative reactions for their comments about Floyd getting murdered while in police custody. Opinions on “black-on-black” crime, respectability politics, and protecting corporate assets in response to police murdering an unarmed black man have been met with shame and scorn.

LL Cool J found himself in the Twittersphere’s crosshairs after a tweet he sent out on May 30. He expressed a curious thought about the ongoing anti-racism uprising as it relates to the children of mixed-race parents. The Hip Hop icon wrote, “Imagine how people raising [biracial] children feel right now!!!!!! This is crazy!!!!!!”

Veteran broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien questioned the meaning of LL’s tweet. He replied to her by writing, “I’m curious how a [biracial] family discusses race at the dining room table.. is it complicated? Is it just about love? Does it depend on the [child’s] appearance? It’s got to be a tough thing…no?

After posting several more tweets addressing his biracial comment and the backlash, LL Cool J turned his focus back to law enforcement tactics taking place across the country during justice for George Floyd protests. He even posted a rap on Instagram with a caption that simply read, “#BlackLivesMatter .”

The verse included the 52-year-old emcee/actor speaking on racism, police brutality, income inequality, rioting, white supremacists, and white privilege. LL also mentioned several African-Americans that have died over the last 70 years at the hands of police officers or racist civilians. He referenced Emmett Till, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, Breonna Taylor, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, and Tamir Rice.

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