‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Milan Christopher Responds To Lord Jamar Saying Gay People Don’t Belong In Hip Hop (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sparked a lot of discussion about homosexuality and homophobia in Hip Hop. The VH1 series featured the first two openly gay male cast members – Miles “Siir” Brock and Milan Christopher.

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Milan recently did an interview with VladTV where he was asked to respond to previous comments made by Lord Jamar. The Brand Nubian emcee suggested homosexuals where not allowed in Hip Hop culture and individuals that identify as gay have a mental disease.

“It’s ironic, because if you follow the Hip Hop culture, where it comes from, and why it sprouted – for an oppressed person to try to oppress another person is kind of crazy to actually hear him say those things,” Milan replied.

He continued, “One of the things that was interesting about what [Jamar] was saying is the mental disease [comment]. That’s where I’m just… It’s hate. It’s a thin line between having an opinion about something and basically saying things that will make another person feel less than who you are.”

He went on to compare saying gay people have no place in Hip Hop is the same as saying people of other races or women have no place in Hip Hop. While he did not state he believes Drake is gay, Milan also offered the Toronto rhymer’s non-street approach to rapping as an example that a gay person could succeed in the genre. In addition, the reality star claimed he personally knows gay male rappers that choose to present themselves as straight to the public.

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Watch Milan Christopher’s interview below.