Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell Is Still Holding A Grudge Against 'Star Wars' Creator George Lucas


(AllHipHop News) Star Wars: The Force Awakens is on pace to become the highest grossing movie of all time. Episode VII of the sci-fi action movie franchise will not be getting any money from Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell’s immediate family.

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In an interview with Vulture, the former 2 Live Crew front man revealed he will not be supporting the film. Apparently, Campbell is still upset over a $300 million federal lawsuit filed in 1990 by Star Wars‘ production company Lucasfilm.

“Every time I see a trailer, or an ad, for that movie, all I can think is I want that motherf*cker George Lucas to give me my money back,” said Campbell.

He added, “I tell my kids, don’t ever buy bootleg, but if you really want to watch that movie, you can buy it bootleg.”

Lucasfilm, the company founded by director George Lucas, was concerned Campbell’s then stage name “Luke Skywalker” would damage the reputation of the trademarked name of Star Wars‘ main character “Luke Skywalker” played by Mark Hamill. At the time, Campbell and his group were known for making sexually explicit songs such as “Me So Horny.”

However, Campbell insists he took “Luke Skywalker” from New York Knicks player Kenny “Sky” Walker, and everyone close to him always called him Luke, not Luther. The two sides eventually settled for $300,000. The Miami native was forced to go by simply Luke, later Uncle Luke.

“I respect the fact that people love the movie,” states Campbell. “George Lucas made a helluva movie and a brand. People love it. But he took nearly a half a million dollars from me.”

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