Machine Gun Kelly Sued For Jumping, Landing On Man In Wheelchair


(AllHipHop News) If you’ve ever been to a Machine Gun Kelly concert, then you know how the Cleveland rap star likes to scale up the stage sometimes, and rap to his audience perched high above the crowd.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

And that’s exactly what happened one night at a now-defunct Little Rock, Arkansas venue called Juanita’s Cantina in March of 2013, according to a lawsuit just filed against the venue and the rapper.

Machine Gun Kelly was doing his usual routine and tried to jump on a pole. Only, this time he missed and landed on a handicapped man in a wheelchair, who had been seated next to an area by the stage the rapper decided to climb.

The man, Kenneth Elsleger Jr., filed the lawsuit against Juanita’s and MGK, even though the establishment is now out of business. Elsleger claims the owners, Joe and Jean Ann Cates and James O’Brien, were negligent in placing him so close to a dangerous area of the stage.

Elsleger is seeking an undisclosed amount of medical and legal bills.