Mariah Carey Explains Why Covid-19 Lockdown Was A Blessing In Disguise For Her

mariah carey

Mariah Carey revealed that being locked down throughout the two-year pandemic has been a blessing for her and her career! Read more!

Mariah Carey found the Covid-19 lockdown to be a blessing in disguise as she was able to rest her voice properly for the first time in years.

The pop diva found that the lockdown gave her “her voice back” as she was able to rest it because she couldn’t perform live or go on tour.

“Thankfully, I got to rest my voice during COVID, and though we don’t wish it on anyone, I was able to sleep, and it gave me my voice back in a way it hasn’t been here in years,” she told NME magazine.

Over the past year, Mariah has been recording new music at her Butterfly Lounge studios in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Georgia. She’s been collaborating with mystery artists for an upcoming top-secret project.

“There are some friends of ours singing on it with us, and they’re superstars and young teenage girls, and it’s amazing. I’m super-excited about it coming out next year,” she teased.

Mariah also revealed that her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, has been filming behind-the-scenes footage to give her fans a glimpse into her songwriting process.

“One of things we’ve been doing in The Butterfly Lounge is that Tanaka has been filming behind the scenes, which I hate,” she said, laughing in mock horror. “So it’s not me all glammed-up; it’s just me writing and producing – which most women are not seen doing. Maybe they are and don’t care how they look – but they’re not me!”