Mary J. Blige Had To Rewrite Songs On Her New Album, After Separation


(AllHipHop News) Singer Mary J. Blige had to rewrite the songs on her new album Strength of a Woman following her separation because the record’s original theme was about saving her marriage.

The “No More Drama” hitmaker split from Martin ‘Kendu’ Isaacs last year after 12 years of marriage. Mary began penning her album before the breakup, but after the marriage came to an end, she needed to go back to the writing table.

“I started off writing the songs about how I was going to save everything, save my marriage and my situation, then it turned into me rewriting, just figuring out how to save myself,” she says.

“There was no moment where I felt like I was going to keep this in because it was way too much for me to handle on my own,” she adds. “These are things I needed to get out. I needed to express myself and so it hurt, but it’s good. It’s good.”

Blige and Isaacs are currently battling in court over his request for almost $130,000 per month in spousal support and the fight has been tough on the singer, but she is confident she will get through it.

“There is no happy ending right now because we’re in the thick of it,” she continues. “We’re in the midst of all this foolishness and until the divorce is final, this is where we are. But I’m going to smile and have people make me smile and love myself and not give up.

“It’s about knowing you’re worthy and it’s a process,” she adds. “I haven’t come out the end yet. Not yet. Every day you have to remember to love yourself… I’m in the like myself (stage) really heavy. But to love yourself is (a) process, but I’m getting there.”