Master P Accuses Son Romeo Of Acting Spoiled: ”I’m Just An ATM For This Family” 

Master P said his son Romeo Miller is “showing the world you’re entitled, spoiled at 30+,” claiming his son is upset over money.

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Master P claims the tension between him and his eldest son, Romeo Miller, is over money and not the recent death of his daughter.  

The No Limit founder went back and forth on social media last weekend after not speaking for months. Romeo made a series of comments and posts about his father and shared a poem addressing his father titled “Tree of Trauma.” 

Romeo’s outbursts seemingly stemmed from a post Master P made in the wake of DJ/dancer Stephen “Twitch” Boss’s tragic passing last week. Both father and son also referenced the music mogul’s daughter and Miller’s sister, Tytyana Miller, who died from an accidental fentanyl overdose seven months ago. 

However, in his latest word on the matter, Master P says his dispute with Romeo is all about money after his son made another comment claiming he was never paid during his music career.  

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“I thought this was about DJ Twitch and about my daughter’s death,” Master P penned on Sunday. “This is heartbreaking you just exposed that this is REALLY ABOUT MONEY. I watched other celebrities go through this. I’m not playing into this anymore. GOD knows the Truth.” 

Master P Calls His Son “Spoiled” and “Entitled”

 Master P added that he’s now “at peace,” saying he “worked hard to get my family out the ghetto.” He also accused Romeo of acting “Hollywood,” and “spoiled” for throwing a social media tantrum.  

“Nickelodeon only paid a few g’s an episode and someone would have to sell at least 10 million records to pay my taxes. Every time I fell off I got up and went to work,” he wrote before adding, “I didn’t blame anyone for my failures. You started this social media rant. So what’s your plan besides showing the world you’re entitled, spoiled at 30+, and throwing a tantrum on social media.” 

The entrepreneur admitted that he’s “still growing as a man and a parent,” but his family treats him like a cash machine.  

“I don’t care about an image. The bloggers can have their laughs this week. I’m going to keep working, keep praying and letting GOD guide me. Mental illness is real,” he concluded before tagging his son.  

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In another post, Master P spoke on the temporary nature of life and shared his frustration at being used for his wealth. He backed up his words with a video addressing his issue with Romeo. Watch it below. 

“I’m tired of people saying they love me only when I give them something,” he added. “I’m not an ATM machine or a robot, I have feelings too. Thanks for all your prayers, we need it. I’m moving on, going back to work and hustle for the ones that appreciate me.” 

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