Master P Declares 5/20 “Cannabis Freedom Day” In Fight To Change Marijuana Laws 

Master P

Master P said: “For $5, $10, $20, even $100 of cannabis you shouldn’t be incarcerated,” and is using his Virginia concert to promote change.

Master P discussed his fight for people convicted of low-level marijuana offenses ahead of his benefit concert for Cannabis Freedom Day in Norfolk, Virginia, on Friday (May 20). 

“Cannabis Freedom Day is 5/20, we’re celebrating it. We have a concert in Virginia, and it’s all about Cannabis Freedom Day,” he told TMZ. ‘It’s about letting people out of prison that have a small case of marijuana, from $50 to $100 worth of marijuana. These guys shouldn’t be incarcerated.” 

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The Louisiana native spoke on the state of California letting 60,000 people out of custody and noted his home state “is starting to catch on,” releasing 10,000 people. 

However, Master P reflected on the many people who remain “incarcerated, that are away from their family,” and unable to work. “When they do get out, it’s gonna be hard for them to find a job,” he said. “A lot of these mothers and fathers that are incarcerated should be free, so we’re gonna do our part.” 

Master P Talks Changing The Game

Master P also discussed his mission to help people with past convictions into the legal cannabis industry. ‘We’re really trying to change the game,” he added. “So now we don’t have to do this illegally, which a lot of people are. It’s definitely going to change the game,” he said. 

Last year, Master P spoke to AllHipHop about Cannabis Freedom Day and his plans to turn 5/20 into a national holiday. He also discussed the case of fellow Louisiana native Fate Vincent Winslow, sentenced to life in prison for $20 worth of marijuana. Winslow died in May 2021, months after being released early from incarceration in 2020. 

“If you’re a criminal and you commit some serious crimes, you should be incarcerated,” Master P said. “But for $5, $10, $20, even $100 of cannabis you shouldn’t be incarcerated. Hopefully Louisiana is opening up as other states are opening up.” 

Master P will bring awareness to Cannabis Freedom Day with his concert on the No Limit Reunion Tour on Friday (May 20). Mystikal, Silkk, Mia X, Fiend, Mr. Serv-on, Choppa Style, Mercedes, and Juvenile will join him on stage. 

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