Master P Says He Supports Hillary Clinton If She Can Keep Her “Emotions Together”


(AllHipHop News) Master P recently shared some of his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

The mogul discussed the election on the heels of his performance with his new No Limit roster at the 2016 A3C Festival in Atlanta.

“The thing about it is that we just had an African-American president. … Who’s gonna be running the country? Is it gon’ be Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton? And can she run the country and not be ran by her feelings?” Master P expressed to Billboard.

He then later added: “She gotta keep them emotions together. That’s what I wanna see. Everybody already wants her to win. I want her to win, but can she hold those emotions together?”

The legendary music mogul has had his name buzzing again recently with his contributions to Solange’s chart-topping album A Seat At The Table, appearing on tracks such as, “The Chosen Ones,” and “The Glory Is in You.”

Master P is also currently working on his upcoming project Louisiana Hot Sauce, which is a tribute to his New Orleans hometown and is set for release early 2017.