McDonald’s Is Using This Legendary Hip-Hop Group’s Music To Promote “New York Bagel Supreme”


(AllHipHop News) Fast food giant McDonald’s has mounted a campaign to appeal to young customers using new advertisements aimed at hip-hop lovers in Europe.

A new marketing plan in the Netherlands is underway for “The New York Bagel Supreme” was created by a group of New York-based street artists called the Bushwick Collective.

The Bushwick Collective created hip-hop inspired murals that were painted onto billboards around various cities, all of which was filmed for a television commercial hawking “The New York Bagel Supreme.”

The music in the commercial was provided by the classic hip-hop group The Artifacts, whose group members included El Da Sensei, Tame One, and DJ Kaos.

The commercial comes with a new track called “New York Flavor’ featuring singer Denise Weeks.

Take a look at the commercial for McDonald’s “The New York Bagel Supreme” featuring The Artifacts below: