Meek Mill Appears In ‘Weight Of Death’ Docuseries About Philadelphia Gun Violence

The first episode takes a look at the murder of Dominique Oglesby.

In recent days, Robert “Meek Mill” Williams was at the center of a conversation about violence taking place on the streets of his hometown. He tweeted an offer to sign the “main big artists” in Philadelphia if they squashed any beefs with other rappers in the city.

That attempt to end some of the bad blood in The City of Brotherly Love was met with both praise and criticism. After Meek brushed off reports that he was now banned from North Philly for his comments, the 33-year-old REFORM Alliance founding partner turned his attention to promoting the new Weight of Death docuseries.

Weight of Death, a five-part presentation produced by community activist Anton Moore, provides footage of grieving families struggling to heal and cope with the loss of their loved ones due to gun violence. After debuting at a screening hosted by the Philadelphia Film Society, the first installment of the series began streaming on YouTube on November 20.

Episode 1 of Weight of Death covers Dominique Oglesby, the 23-year-old Pennsylvania State University student who was fatally shot in the back on March 18, 2018. The filmmakers interviewed Meek Mill, Danielle Oglesby (Dominique’s mother), Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Philadelphia Prisons Department Commissioner Blanche Carney, and more.