Meek Mill Says Investigators Targeting His Private Jet

For the second time in a week, Meek Mill’s private jet has been searched by the cops.

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill came home from jail to a record deal, adoring fans and another chance at superstardom.

And while no one is calling him a saint, it would appear to be unacceptable for him to consistently be harassed by authorities when he travels.

Is it because he is famous, rich, Black, on his prison reform kick heavy, or is it because he is up to something?

Recently, the rapper feels as if he is becoming a target.

For the second time in less than seven days, the Philly rapper’s rented private jet has been stopped and searched by the police.

It was reported that right before leaving Miami on Saturday on March 8th the jet was searched. Then the jet was searched again on Tuesday, March 10th at another unnamed location.

“Searching the jet againnnnnnn,” he posted March 10th on the photo along with a face palm emoji that has now been removed. “Somebody calling them, gotta be looking for drugs on us! That’s an insult.”

Clearly the police did not find anything because currently, he is posted up in Jamaica. In a post on Instagram, he says, “ Cuz x @popcaanmusic big vibes!”