Meek Mill’s Girl Plays It Safe And Cancels Baby Shower Over Coronavirus

Milan Rouge Harris makes the difficult decision to postpone the celebration for their new baby out of an abundance of caution.

(AllHipHop News) The coronavirus has really affected the rap community.

Not talking just the concerts that have been canceled or the hosting dates that have been deaded. Studio sessions have been axed. Flights put on pause.

No one can do anything. Not even have a community celebration for an emcee’s newborn.

According to sources, Meek Mill’s pregnant girlfriend, Milan Harris had to pump the breaks on her baby shower in fear of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

As a soon to be mom, she canceled her baby shower, opting to self-quarantine herself, for her personal safety and to keep her little bundle of joy secured.

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Many believe that her social media accounts are telling on her, revealing that the bronze-skinned beauty and fashion designer is snugged away on a tropical island in the Caribbean with her man.

In one post on her Instagram, she gives us a peek into her thoughts about motherhood.

“I’ve been trying to record my pregnancy journey as much as I can remember. So when my baby gets older they (I’m saying they because I don’t like saying “it”….but it’s only 1 baby) can see the entire journey. I’ve wrote 2 letters to my baby explaining my cravings, how I feel, what they’re doing while in my stomach, my plans, etc…

“Oh and due to the corona virus I’ve decided to cancel the baby shower. What are some more tips I can do during my pregnancy to make it as memorable as possible?”

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