Megan Thee Stallion Explains Why She Reps Curvy Women With Clothing Line

Megan Thee Stallion is dropping her new fashion line today, and she explains the concept behind her clothing designs.

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Megan Thee Stallion wanted to team up with Fashion Nova on a clothing collection to create items for those who fall outside the “cookie cutter” size.

The “WAP” star’s range drops on Wednesday, and Megan told Entertainment Tonight she was inspired to create the range after years of struggling to find jeans that fit her properly.

“Everybody not bite-sized so I’m super excited about that,” she said. “The tall girls are finally getting representation, but it’s not just about tall girls. I have petite, slim, curvy, whatever we are we have the jeans for you. I just realized how big of a lack of representation there is for curvier girls, or taller girls, or girls with bigger feet.

“Everybody is not just a cookie cutter size, so I just want to make sure that starting with this collab we have better representation with just women in general. Even with short girls, the jeans are made for skinny short girls.

“It’s not just about the model body. It’s about the real body, so this collection definitely caters to women with curves. I say petite, too, but just the girls with the little representation that’s what my collection really caters to.”

As well as her Fashion Nova range and her debut album dropping on November 20th, Megan has also been kept busy with online classes in her college degree in health administration.

But the 25-year-old can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“School is so hard and online classes are really hard too, but I was already doing online classes before quarantine started,” she said. “I had to because I couldn’t go on campus anymore. I mean, my focus was definitely better because I didn’t have a lot of distractions. But I’m still in school, and I’m projected to graduate in 2021!”