Midwest Sensation Ness Heads Links With Kembe X On ‘No Love In Chicago’ 

Ness Heads

Chicago’s Ness Heads returns after a two-year absence with “No Love In Chicago,” a collaboration with TDE affiliate Kembe X.

Chicago creative visionary Ness Heads has teamed up with TDE affiliate Kembe X on the new single “No Love In Chicago.”  

The emerging star artist who fuses a blend of Electronic, Pop, and Hip Hop over a mix of Trap and Latin beats has been making waves in her hometown and beyond.  

“This song’s a reminder that sometimes you gotta sit in pain, understand it, then pour it out before getting to the celebration. It’s been over 2 years since my last release so I’ve had a lot of time to sit in my pain and reflect. I’m excited to just now be getting to my celebration. I hope other people use this song to find theirs,” the L.A.-based artist shared in a press statement. 

“The universe has a funny way of making things come full circle,” Ness Head said, announcing the single. “I’m beyond honored to have @kembe_x on my new single, No Love In Chicago dropping May 12.” 

Ness Heads explained, “This song was the first part of my healing journey. When I wrote it, I was in a place of feeling forgotten/abandoned by a place I called home my entire life. (I don’t feel that way now, I feel the love!!) I sat on this song for awhile trying to find the right person for it, when Kembe laid his verse I was 🤯 and then to find out he’s from Chicago too was the icing on the cake.” 

She concluded, “This songs a reminder that sometimes you gotta sit in the pain, understand it, then pour it out before getting to the celebration.”

Watch the video below or Stream “No Love In Chicago” at the end of the page.  

Ness Heads ft. Kembe X – No Love In Chicago

Kembe X also shared the announcement on social media earlier this month. 

“Another fireee song dropped this weekend that i’m proud to be part of! “No Love In Chicago” by @nessheads featuring yours truly 🔥🔥🔥” he penned on Instagram. “Video hard, song hard. tap in wit Ness & s/o to the folks over at @guin. s/o @royalrrumble for catching me in my glow like dat. SONG ON ALL STREAMING PLATS. VIDEO OUT NEW.” 

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