Movie Goers Debate If ‘The Woman King’ Should Be Boycotted

The film made over $19 million in its first weekend.

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Despite its raved reviews, some people are calling for African Americans to boycott Viola Davis’ new film, “The Woman King.”

The call has caused #boycottwomanking to trend online after some are pushing that the film glorifies slavery.

“The Woman King separates audiences: Descendants of slave traders say support our black sister ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 descendants of slaves say boycott”

“I agree with not supporting Woman King just because you see your skin tone attached to it. But stop saying the Dahomey sold ‘us’ into ‘Slavery.’ Thats still continuing that narrative, the greatest lie ever told that “we all came from Africa”. Boycott that lie too”

However, others are saying this is a swift rush to judgment and a mischaracterization of the movie, and an attempt to dismiss the work of a project that is predominately produced, directed and starring Black women.

“Now that it’s out, I can say this: The people telling you to boycott The Woman King, for the reasons they’re stating, sound crazy because the film literally deals with the reasons they’re stating.”

“Sorry but it’s suspicious af to me to see people saying boycott The Woman King because the Oya Empire & Kingdom of Dahomey were involved in the slave trade when similar critiques of Our Flag Means Death and Hamilton have been challenged or ignored all together.”

As reported by, the movie that debuts this weekend celebrates the woman warriors of Dahomey called the Agojie. The leaders of the fierce fighters in the film actually show a full picture of how Africans participated in slavery and the complicated nature of that participation.

The call for the boycott did not stop millions from flooding movie theaters to the tune of an early debut weekend box office reading of $19 million. According to Deadline, the film pulled in on Friday, including $1.7M previews, $6.8M, and Saturday pulled in $7.15M. Experts believe those numbers were so high was because of word of mouth.

It is also because movie critics, specifically Black and African critics, have given the movie thumbs up.

Perhaps the boycott was too much too late.