Murda Mook Discusses Almost Battling Drake At KOTD's "Blackout 5" Event (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) The much talked about challenge laid down by Murda Mook to battle Drake almost took place this weekend at King Of The Dot’s’ “Blackout 5.” Drizzy amped up the heat on the lyrical contest when he told a crowd at the Friday press conference, “I don’t know if Mook deserves it but… I definitely have a folder full of bars in my phone for somebody one day, so we’ll figure it out.”

[ALSO READ: Murda Mook and Dame Dash Call Out Drake For a $15 Million Dollar Battle] reports KOTD’s Dirtbag Dan admitted there was a plan for Drake and Mook to face-off at the event. The site also spoke with KOTD co-founder Organik. He told the site, “Drake just really wanted to help us push it further the way that we do. He wasn’t trying to step in and do that. It’s not to bring [the battle rap scene] mainstream, it’s just to provide the best events and continue to do what we do and build our own little niche market and run with that.”

BR’s Chris Mitchell spoke with Mook about how the Drake showdown almost happened. The veteran battler revealed the idea he could jump in the ring against the Toronto emcee at “Blackout” did initially cross his mind, but at first Mook was not fully convinced the match-up would go down.

“It was gonna happen. It actually developed maybe about two hours before [the event] was over,” said Mook. “Organik came to me like, ‘If I could get [Drake] to commit to doing a one round battle, would you?'”

Mook responded by saying he would need to speak to Drake before agreeing to the impromptu battle, because the Harlem native admitted he did not have bars specifically aimed at Drake. Mook also took issue with performing for free, though he acknowledged it would have been the biggest battle in history.

The Dot Mobb member wanted to make sure he gave the public his best performance against Drake, and he felt the last-minute battle would have been a disservice to fans of the culture.

Despite the hesitation, Mook said he began to work on material for a one-rounder at the event, but Drake’s management apparently shut it down. However, he is still open to a face-off in the future.

“Hey my man Drake, I know this sounds familiar, but what are we on this Earth for? Let’s try to get this thing worked out in a real manner,” stated Mook. “I know he wanted to do it. I seen it in his eyes.”

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Listen to Murda Mook’s full interview with BattleRap below.