Mya Wants Everyone to Ditch Meat With New Challenge


(AllHipHop News) Vegan singer Mya has launched a 14-day challenge to encourage fans to join her and ditch meat.

The “Fallen” singer announced her mission on Instagram on Monday and she is hoping her fans will take the challenge and stick with it, as she did in 2014. She has been what she described last year as a “hardcore vegan” ever since.

She writes: “Join me for the #14Day #RawVegan #Vegan or #Vegetarian #Challenge TODAY MAY 8 – MAY 21, 2017!! At the end of each quarter, I’ll be treating the winner to a day of #vegan breakfast, lunch & dinner with me plus some amazing goodies.”

She continues: “Get ready & tag me on your daily posts! You got this! For transition tips, grocery lists, info, inspiration and recipes visit &!”

Mya first went vegetarian as part of a six-month challenge in 2010 and then went vegan as part of another six-month challenge in 2014.

She loved her new diet so much that she stuck with it.