Mystikal’s Lawyer Explains How Technology Cleared The Rapper Of Rape Charge


Mystikal is gearing up to resuscitate his rap career, now that a grand jury cleared him of rape and kidnapping charges. 

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Mystikal was recently cleared of rape charges, and he can thank technology for his freedom.

In November of 2017, the rap star was charged with first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping over claims he and an associate sexually assaulted a woman inside of a New Orleans? casino in October of 2016. 

Earlier this week, a grand jury cleared the rapper of the heinous crime, thanks to new evidence that came to light. 

Mystikal’s attorney told KTAL NBC 6 said surveillance cameras and a toxicology report proved the rap star was innocent of the crime.

Verity Gentry Said he studied the toxicology report and sent it to an expert who found a variety of inconsistencies with the date rape drug the victim claimed Mystical used to assault her. 

“I am thankful that there was irrefutable evidence of innocence in this case. Lots of people aren’t so lucky,” his lawyer Verity Gentry explained.

Still, Mystikal paid a huge price due to the allegations, due to a prior conviction over a previous rape claim.

The rap star was locked up for 18 months, had to raise 3 million in order to post bond, and was forced to wear an ankle bracelet for almost a year. 

“Mystikal paid a high price for this case,” Gentry said. 

In more positive news, the rap star’s career is already taking off again.

His song “Feel Right” with Mark Ronson is prominently featured in the promotional trailer for Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall’s highly anticipated movie, “Coming2America.”