Nas Breaks Down His New Project, Explains His Stance on Trayvon Martin


(AllHipHop News) On Wednesday (March 28), Nas spoke with Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff on Hot 97’s The Angie Martinez Show about a host of issues ranging from the rap game, to his divorce, to Trayvon Martin.

Four years removed from his last solo album, Nas told Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff that he has spent time recently touring and recording with Damian Marley, traveling to Vegas and Miami, raising his kids, and recovering from what he described as a “rough divorce.”

“…I gotta admit the divorce was kind hard body.” Nas told Angie Martinez when she alluded to him being in seemingly good spirits. “So it was like I chilled out, I really stayed away, and I didn’t want to go anywhere, and at one point it just hit me like, ‘Yo, what you doing, man? Get outside, smile, enjoy life and sunshine man, you know, hit the streets hard. So I’ve been everywhere, man, Vegas, Miami and just you know, enjoying life, watching the game and watching what’s going on.”

Although Nas took a step back from the public eye for a period of time, he says he was busy at work preparing his next project, which he said will release in Summer 2012.

Earlier this month Nas debuted a new single produced by Salaam Remi, Da Internz and Heavy D entitled “The Don,” on the Funk Flex’s Hot 97 show.

Nas also explained to Martinez that he has  another “Black Girl Lost” song on the new project, referring back to a theme featured on his second album, It Was Written.

“It’s not personal about anybody. My second album had “Black Girl Lost”, and I just want to do another one. It’s not personal, that’s all, I’m excited, though.”

In regards to the subject matter on the project, Nas agreed with Angie when she suggested the project would be “on politics, divorce… love.”

Agreeing that the project was personal and emotional, Nas replied, “Yea… yes, yes…I gotta get it out, I got to, I tried to avoid it, it’s in the music, I gotta talk about it, it’s life.”

Known as one of rap’s most socially conscious rappers, Nas also voiced his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case that has gripped the nation and struck up debates across the globe.  Specifically, Geraldo Rivera’s comments were examined, after he suggested that Martin’s hoodie was the culprit for the murder.

“You never want to hear that kind of news,” Nas explained to Martinez.  “When it happens, you remember how many Trayvon incidents happen everyday all over the world.. It doesn’t seem like the race problem will ever get solved. I like to be optimistic, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll ever get solved.”