Nelly Denies Losing $300,000 & Giving Woman $100 For Returning It


Nelly called cap on a woman who supposedly received a $100 reward after finding his bag containing $300,000 and returning it to him.

Nelly disputed a story claiming he gave a paltry reward to a good Samaritan.

The diamond-selling rapper denied losing a duffle bag containing $300,000 and giving $100 to a woman who returned it to him. Nelly defended himself in a post on the Neighborhood Talk Instagram account, which shared a video of the woman and her friends’ anecdote.

“Cap … SUUUUUUPPPPPEEERRRRR CAAPPP,” Nelly insisted. “I didn’t lose s### idk what bag or who’s bag they talkin bout but it dam show wasn’t mine.”

In the clip, a group of people discussed the woman supposedly finding Nelly’s bag, which contained $300,000. Instead of keeping the cash, she allegedly gave it back to its rightful owner.

“We up here at the bowling alley,” one man said in the video. “She found Nelly bag. It had $300,000 in it. And guess what she do? She gave it back.”

He continued, “What they give you? Tell ’em what they give you.”

The woman responded by saying $100. The man filming reiterated her answer and referenced the Breakfast Club’s “Donkey of the Day” segment.

“They gave her 100 f###### dollars,” he said. “Donkey of the Day … They gave her $100 for giving him back $300,000.”

Watch the clip and view Nelly’s response below.

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