Virgin Music & Goliath Records Comment On Nems’ “Rise of the Silverback” Album Deal


Nems has come a long way and now his time has come through Goliath and Virgin Records. All parties comment.

Virgin Music and Paul Rosenberg‘s Goliath Records have partnered to release Nems’ forthcoming album, Rise of the Silverback. The first single from the album,”Drip,” is expected to be released soon. Nems, known as the unofficial “Mayor of Coney Island,” has independently paved his own path as a rapper and social media personality.

A respected street legend in New York City, he built a dedicated fanbase from the ground up. Nems has achieved all of this on his own terms Rosenberg noted as he revealed his feelings on the new deal.

“Nems is a battle-tested street legend in New York City with a devoted fanbase that he built from scratch,” Rosenberg said. “Same for his brands. He’s got incredible intuition and of course unbelievable talent. He did it his way and totally on his own so far. I’m thrilled to be able to work with him and bring his music to the world with Goliath Records and Virgin Music.”

Nems, whose debut album came out in 2010, gained widespread recognition in 2021 after popularizing the phrase “Bing Bong,” which took over TikTok. Numerous celebrities, including Joe Biden, Jonas Brothers, John Legend, Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, Jack Harlow and Avril Lavigne, featured the phrase in their videos. The New York Knicks even adopted it as a catchphrase. Nems further expanded his popularity through viral street interview videos from his internet show, Sidetalk.

Nems expressed gratitude to Goliath and Paul Rosenberg for recognizing his vision and supporting him in his journey.

“Salute to Goliath and Paul Rosenberg for seeing the vision and believing in the Lyfers,” Nems said. “Don’t ever disrespect me and think this sh#t happened overnight. We don’t throw parties to celebrate sh#t that ain’t happen yet. We outside. Rise of the Silverback. Soon. Bing f##king bong.”

Virgin Music President Jacqueline Saturn shared the team’s excitement and honor in collaborating with Nems, Paul Rosenberg and their team.

“Our entire team is so excited and honored to work with Nems, Paul Rosenberg, and their team,” she said. “We can’t wait to share his new music with fans around the world.”