Nick Cannon Talks Not Competing With Big Boy On Problem’s ‘Morning Walks’ Series

The ‘Cannon’s Class’ podcaster also admits he hates the ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ movie.

KPWR Power 106 and KRRL Real 92.3 are two of the leading Hip Hop radio stations in the United States. Nick Cannon Mornings and Big Boy’s Neighborhood are the flagship shows on the respective Los Angeles-based channels, and they both provide millions of listeners with daily content connected to the culture.

For episode 2 of his Morning Walks series, Coffee & Kush Vol 1 album creator Jason “Problem” Martin spoke with Nick Cannon. The conversation included the former Wild ‘n Out host discussing the perceived competition between himself and KRRL’s Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander.

“I called Big before I made the final decision that I was actually going to [take the job at Power 106]. We sat down and chopped it up like grown men,” Cannon stated. “Kings don’t bicker. Kings don’t compete. We don’t play no games.”

He added, “That’s my big bro. We said that from the gate. We gonna show LA, we gonna show the community we’re really about unity. We gonna show them this is really what it is. Whether it’s Bloods, Crips, Mexicans, Blacks – we all know the different things our communities have gone through, but if we really want to be those voices of unity, we ain’t gonna compete when two Black men are operating on the highest level. We gonna salute each other.”

The two-part Morning Walks interview also included Cannon and Problem chatting about the television personality being called corny, his investment mistakes, the Chi-Raq movie, his rap career, and walking away from NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Cannon even admitted he hates the 2003 teen comedy Love Don’t Cost a Thing and only acted in the film strictly to make money to buy his mother a house.

Morning Walks derived from me changing my day to day habits,” explains Problem in a press release. “It was a cool way to give back to my body while spending time with my woman. The convos that happened during these walks were so inspiring that I decided to make a series out of it. Thank you Green Hour Coffee for helping me bring this to life!”

The initial episode of the Morning Walks, presented by Problem’s film company 50million Media and Green Hour Coffee, featured NBA player Demar DeRozan. 50million Media also produced the short film A Compton Story which was written by and starred Problem with guest roles from Mike Epps, Snoop Dogg, Jackie Long, and more. A Compton Story 2 is currently in production.