Nicki Minaj Beats Drake To Become Rapper With Most No. 1 Songs On iTunes After “Blick Blick” Tops Chart

Nicki Minaj topped the U.S. iTunes Chart for the 26th time, making her the rapper with the most No.1 songs in U.S. iTunes history.

Nicki Minaj continues to make history as a woman in the male-dominated rap game, sitting atop the iTunes charts with her latest release. However, this number one has extra special significance.  

Chart Data reports this latest No. 1 sees her become the “rapper with the most #1 songs in US iTunes history,” surpassing The 6 God himself.  

“@NICKIMINAJ is now the rapper with the most #1 songs in US iTunes history, surpassing @Drake (26).” 

However, the rapper topped the charts with a collaboration that almost stayed hidden in the vault following a leak. Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray reached No. 1 on the iTunes chart within hours of releasing “Blick Blick” on Friday (Mar. 18). The two surpassed Doja Cat, who sits at the second spot with “Freaky Deaky.”  

@coi_leray and @NICKIMINAJ‘s “Blick Blick” has reached #1 on US iTunes.” 

““Blick Blick” Coi Leray X Nicki Minaj 

During her recent interview with Joe Budden, Nicki Minaj reflected on how different the industry was for the artists that came before her.  

“Did they have the opportunities?” she pondered. “Some of the biggest rappers, some of the most influential rappers, they’ve never made a million dollars for a show. They’ve never made what they absolutely deserved based on the doors that they opened for others, based on their level of talent, their level of influence.” As such, she can understand how they might react to the deals being offered to today’s stars. 

Nonetheless, Nicki Minaj understands why some of her older peers can be critical of hip-hop’s younger generation of rappers.  

“They’ve never been rewarded for doing any of those things,” she explained. “Now they get to sit back and watch other artists who they know [are not] as talented as them [succeed]. I know that can’t be easy for them to watch.” Catch up on the interview in full below.