Nicki Minaj Calls Out Her Own Fans During Social Media Rant

Internet star Rolling Ray accuses the veteran rapper of bringing down her Barbz to stay in the media.

Yesterday (June 10) appeared to be a difficult day for Nicki Minaj on Twitter. Her verse for Polo G’s “For the Love of New York” leaked early online and the track received negative reactions from some of her own stans.

That criticism apparently led to Nicki Minaj lashing out at her Barbz. In a series of tweets, the Queens, New York native insisted her features are different from her lead singles and that she did not appreciate being compared to other women.

“Chile raise ya hand if u know the [difference] between a Nicki song & a Nicki feature… Raise your hand if u know the [difference] between a mixtape song, album cut, and an album single. I- 🤨 when was the last time I put out an album single? Eat ya food. Can’t wait to bump #ForTheLoveOfNewYork 🎧,” tweeted Minaj on Thursday.

When one of her fans questioned why her Twitter followers do not get the same amount of attention as her TikTok followers, Minaj responded, “Cuz Twitter ain’t [really] fun [no more]. Just a bunch of corny debates all day and night chile… energy is too precious to waste on [people] or things [you] don’t like. Life is so much more fulfilling when [you] give ur energy to what and who you love. Imagine [talking] bout [your] opps all day. Exhausting 😩.”

Another fan suggested Nicki Minaj should unfollow unsupportive fans, and the Hip Hop superstar agreed that might be the best idea. Minaj tweeted, “Word. Any aggy s### I see from now on, I’ma [hit them with] that button. Any aggy s### retweeted, gon get the same energy. Discussing other [people] gon get that same energy. Talk about them on [your] other page. What I miss chile? Oh [yeah], p### 😤.”

The 38-year-old entertainer ended her Twitter rant by posting, “And compare me to who chile? Lol. Ain’t a b#### [better] and ain’t a b#### [badder]. 😴.” While Minaj did not specify exactly who she was referring to in that last tweet, many people on the platform assumed she was talking about Cardi B and/or Megan Thee Stallion since all three rappers were set to be part of the new music releases on June 11.

“For the Love of New York” featuring Nicki Minaj was included on Polo G’s Hall of Fame album which arrived on the 11th. Megan Thee Stallion dropped her single “Thot S###” on that same date. Cardi B made an appearance on the track “Type S###” off the new Migos studio LP Culture III.

While many of Nicki Minaj’s fans backed her Twitter rant, there was some pushback from other people on the social media service. For example, internet personality Rolling Ray shared his thoughts on the situation by bringing up Minaj’s longtime rivals Cardi B and Lil Kim.

“Nicki Minaj acting like she [ain’t] contribute to why her [Barbz] act how they do now on Twitter. Now she [gets a] petty [little] man and give birth and trying [to] act saved… She used them for sales and to bring down Lil Kim, Cardi, and more, and now [it’s] they all negative. Bye man. 2021 weird,” tweeted Rolling Ray on Thursday.

He added, “And with Cardi not online for her to have competition, Lil Kim [don’t give a f###] about her, [she’s] stuck, and gotta bring down her own fans to stay in the media so that single tomorrow can sell. [It’s] all too much. [She’s] upset that [she’s] losing and now [she’s] attacking her own fan base. [It’s] all weird.”

In addition to the drama playing out online, Nicki Minaj posted an 18-second video of her with fellow Young Money star Drake as a way to promote her Polo G collaboration. Nicki and Drake, along with Lil Wayne, reunited for “Seeing Green” off Minaj’s recently reissued mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty.