Nicki Minaj On Not Collaborating With Kendrick Lamar Yet: He Don’t Wanna Get Washed

The ‘Queen Radio’ host hopes to get on a track with the 13-time Grammy winner in the future.

(AllHipHop News) Throughout her decade-plus career, Nicki Minaj has appeared on records with Hip Hop stars such as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, Ludacris, Big Sean, Cardi B, and more. However, the Queens-raised rapstress has never collaborated with Kendrick Lamar.

On the latest episode of Queen Radio, Minaj addressed why a song with her and K. Dot has never been released. She spoke about that particular omission in her discography while the deejay dropped bombs over her lighthearted explanation.

“I’m gonna give you the truthful answer right now. Everybody get your Q-tips and clean out your earholes. The reason why I haven’t collaborated with Kendrick Lamar yet is because he don’t wanna get washed,” said Nicki before laughing.

She continued, “I don’t know, but I’m a huge fan of him and his talents. I’m looking forward to collaborating with him one day, hopefully, because he’s animated. I like the animation. But also he just respects the craft of rap.”

This is not the first time Minaj has mentioned her animated style in comparison to Lamar’s animated style. Back in 2014, the topic was brought up during a CRWN conversation with Elliott Wilson.

“I got a call from Mister Cee after he heard ‘Bottoms Up,’ and he was like, ‘You know what? I gotta give you your props,'” recalled Nicki. “‘Bottoms Up’ was very animated, but he took the time to listen. It takes skill.”

She added, “And then I see people doing it now. I’m not trying to be shady, but sometimes when I hear the animated things that Kendrick Lamar does, I think to myself, ‘Wow, n*ggas is on Kendrick’s d*ck, but when the kid… talking about King of New York… I respect and like him, but when I paid attention to certain things he did, I said… [makes a confused face].”