Nicki Minaj Reveals New Alter Ego ”Queen Sleeze”

Nicki Minaj revealed in a Twitter Q&A that she will be introducing a new alter ego on her upcoming album.

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj dropped her new song “Yikes” on Friday, after teasing fans with a snippet on social media.

The rapper participated in a Q&A session on Twitter where fans asked Minaj several questions, mostly relating to new music.

During the Twitter Q&A, a fan asked the rapper if any new alter egos will appear on the album. She revealed that her upcoming album will feature a new alter ego named “Queen Sleeze.”

Nicki then teased some details about Queen Sleeze after a fan asked her to describe the new alter ego.

“She’s more calm but way deadlier. My husband always says he’s more afraid when I talk quiet then when I yell. Lmao. He said that’s how he knows when I’m dead tf serious.”

Nicki Minaj is known for her multiple alter egos. Throughout her rap career she has rapped under aliases like Roman Zolanski, Nicki Lewinsky, and The Harajuku Barbie.

The rap star also shared that she has the title of the album ready and how “Yikes” came about.

Nicki Minaj joked that fans and label “bullied” her into making the snippet she shared into a full song. She also stated that she freestyles the track’s outro.

“I made up the hook with no paper. Just freestyled in the booth cuz I loved the beat. so the yikes part is me hearing the beat for the very first time. The verses I wrote down. The outro was a freestyle,” Nicki said.

“Yikes” is currently No. 1 on the iTunes Store.