Nicki Minaj Snapped Over Error Uploading New Song “Bussin” With Lil Baby

Nicki Minaj (1)

Someone uploaded the wrong version of Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby’s song ‘Bussin’ on Apple Music and she snapped until they got it right.

Somebody messed up and Nicki Minaj was not having it!

Recently, The Queen Barb and Lil Baby dropped their new single “Bussin” featuring Lil Baby, and everyone is loving it.

Except for a select group of Apple music listeners. Someone uploaded the wrong version of the song on the streaming service. The explicit version of the song was posted with an incorrect mix.

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to vent — and activate the Barbs to get it right.
She tweeted, “I just listened to #Bussin on Apple Music and that is not the right version of the song.

The clean version is correct. Idk what happened & why the explicit version sounds like that. Not mixed, wrong levels, no doubles on the hook, etc. isItJustMe? We have to change ASAP”

Progressively the tweets got more intense.

Fans know that when things are not right, the multi-platinum perfectionist is not happy.

For the cussing version to be public-facing and unmixed messes with her brand, one that the world knows to be impeccably manicured.

“The EXPLICIT VERSION OF #BUSSIN IS WRONG ON APPLE MUSIC,” Nicki Minaj barked through her fingers. “The downloadable iTunes link sounds right. But the streaming link is wrong ON APPLE MUSIC. Only clean version is right on Apple MUSIC. Engineer said it’s right on Spotify and tidal. Please check RN everyone. ‼️‼️”

When one fan asked if the song versions were right on Apple Music, she responded in the affirmative.

“Yes. All the versions are correct. #Bussin #BarbieXBaby,” she wrote.