Nicki Minaj’s Former Manager Debra Antney Talks Nicki’s Feud With Remy Ma (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Before Nicki Minaj was a global star, the rapstress was part of a camp fronted by artist manager Debra Antney. caught up with Antney to get her thoughts on her former client’s recent face-off with Remy Ma.

“At the end of the day, they’re both very much a part of me. They’re both women,” says Antney. “I don’t particularly care for the women beefing, fighting, and bickering. Because [in] my era, they were all around each other. Even if they fought each other, they still worked together.”

The mother of Waka Flocka goes on to add that she does not see how Nicki and Remy are in each other’s way as far as succeeding as rappers.

“I would love to see us unify with each other. I would definitely like to see women come together,” offers Antney. “I didn’t care for that [beef] at all, so it wasn’t very exciting to me.”

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alum also made it a point to state she will never speak badly about Nicki because of their history together.

“[Nicki and I] don’t hate each other. The little that people know – they want to seem to think we do, but we don’t,” she said. “As far as Remy goes, I don’t hate Remy. I want her to win.”