Nipsey Hussle Honored With Uncannily Accurate Wax Figure  

Nipsey Hussle

An Ohio-based Black artist has created a highly realistic-looking wax figure of Nipsey Hussle, the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

The legacy of Nipsey Hussle continues to be honored, this time the late rapper was immortalized with a life-size wax figure. 

Just weeks after the announcement of a docuseries celebrating the late rapper’s life, a new tribute has been unveiled. An Ohio-based artist has created the Nipsey Hussle figurine, which will be displayed in Cleveland

Mr. Officials created the wax figure – the world’s first – and took to Instagram to show exactly how he did it.  

“Watch me make the first ever life size Nipsey Hussle wax figure!” he shared in the caption of a video documenting its creation. 

The artist detailed the painstaking process involved in creating the Nipsey Hussle wax figure in the video. He shared how the clay base is made, before casting and adding the details. “Each strand of hair is put in one strand at a time,” he revealed, demonstrating the “tedious” process of creating Nip’s beard and braids.  

He also re-created Nipsey Hussle’s tattoos, each one an exact hand-painted replica of the original. He also added authentic finishing touches, including “his famous medallion” and Puma sneakers.  

“This statue actually took about 9 months to create,” Mr. Official added in the caption. “After 9 long months the birthing of a legend is now revealed! Tag and share with a Nip fan. Let me know what you think.” 

The result is a very realistic representation of Nipsey Hussle. Take a look at the video below.  

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Earlier this year, Nipsey Hussle was awarded a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His family celebrated the tribute at a ceremony on August 15, 2022 – what would’ve been the late, great rapper’s 37th birthday.