NLE Choppa Makes Surprise Santa Visit To 12-Year-Old-Fan In Hospital  

NLE Choppa surprised one of his biggest fans by gifting him everything on his Christmas list during a special holiday visit.

NLE Choppa paid a special Christmas visit to one of his young fans in hospital, making the little boy’s dreams come true. 

The Memphis rapper shared a video of the holiday visit and explained how he connected with AJ and the reason for his hospital visit. The 12-year-old suffers from scoliosis and a rare birth defect of the heart called truncus arteriosus type 1. 

NLE Choppa spotted a TikTok video of the youngster sharing his wishlist for Santa that his mother said was unrealistic.  


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“After watching the video, I got in contact with his mom and from there I was facetiming him and messaging him every day,” NLE Choppa explained in a voiceover. “Christmas was coming around the corner so I decided to grant all his wishes by buying him all the gifts he had asked for. I even flew out to Texas to go surprise him at the hospital.” 

NLE Choppa Surprises His “Biggest Fan”

As the video shows, NLE Choppa pulled up to the hospital with a truck full of gifts, including every item on AJ’s Christmas wish list. The “Do It Again” hitmaker arrived in full Santa costume and beard to surprise his young fan. As well as the PS5, iPhone 13, sneakers, and clothes on the list, NLE also added a few surprise presents.  

Despite being from different generations, NLE Choppa revealed AJ’s story made a lasting impression on him. 

“With artistry and music you start to gain friends or gain people that you never woulda thought you would,” NLE Choppa said before visiting AJ. “There’s certain people you pick up on your journey? He’s one of those ones so this is the start of a friendship that I wanna carry in my heart and just carry for the rest of my life. So, ‘You got a friend in me,’ that’s all I want him to know.” 

Check out the video below.