NLE Choppa’s Mother Breaks Down His Fight Video

NLE Choppa

Angeleta Potts a.k.a. Momma Choppa released a reaction video about footage of her son NLE Choppa getting into an altercation at an airport.

Angeleta Potts, the mother of NLE Choppa, analyzed her son’s recent airport altercation.

Potts a.k.a. Momma Choppa posted a 12-minute video featuring her reaction to the fight footage on YouTube. She vented about her son’s attacker being labeled as an NBA YoungBoy fan, insisting NLE Choppa and YoungBoy have no beef.

“Y’all need to stop the cap and stop trying to throw NBA YoungBoy and him in the same category,” she said. “They don’t have no beef. They ain’t got no issues, none of that. Stop bringing that s### out ‘cause everybody tired of it. That’s not the case. You starting stuff and you starting beef that has no relevance. They do not – absolutely do not – have an issue with one or the other. Leave that s### alone.”

Potts also addressed the man who fought her son. She refuted his claims of knocking out NLE Choppa and asked fans to quit accosting rappers in public.

“You never touched him,” Potts explained. “You never hit him. None of that. He slipped on his own [flip flops] when you swinging and you still missed. But at the end of the day, my whole point is stop messing with these folks wherever you see them at … Stop doing this s### ‘cause the s### ain’t cute. It’s not cute.”

Watch Momma Choppa’s full breakdown below.