NLE Choppa Responds To Rumors He Was Hospitalized After Drinking Breast Milk

The teenager has some words for people who believed the reports.

Bryson “NLE Choppa” Potts has become a big proponent of what he considers natural remedies that combat illnesses. For example, last summer, he challenged other rappers to add liquid chlorophyll to their diets.

However, one story spreading across social media involving NLE Choppa alleged he had a medical emergency from consuming a human-made substance. The headline read: “NLE Choppa lands himself in the hospital after drinking breast milk.”

NLE Choppa took to Twitter to vehemently deny the rumors. The 19-year-old Memphis-raised rhymer even slammed people that actually took the hospitalization posts as fact.

“If you believe this [you’re] just slow. Stop texting me ‘are you ok,'” wrote NLE Choppa on January 6. That tweet collected over 1,000 comments, 8,000 retweets, and 74,000 likes on the platform.

Meanwhile, NLE Choppa is preparing to release his Me vs. Me mixtape on January 21. He previously dropped projects such as 2019’s Cottonwood, 2020’s Top Shotta, and 2020’s From Dark to Light.