$NOT Being Attacked By Racist Metalheads Over Beef With Rock Band SNOT


24-year-old calls artist from a group that came out in 1997, “Old man.”

Rapper $NOT is pushing back at SNOT’s Mikey Doling for bad-mouthing him to Limp Bizkit.

The rock group Limp Bizkit invited $NOT to be one of the supporting acts on their upcoming Spring 2022 tour, “Still Sucks Tour.”

The tour was announced on Wednesday, March 16th. In addition to $NOT being on the roster, so are Scowl, Wargasm UK, Dying Wish, and Yung Gravy.

Days later, the group SNOT’s guitarist blasted Limp Bizkit for selecting an act with a similar name. According to KFMA, SNOT was signed to Geffen Records and has been disbanded since 1998. 

The group only put out one studio album in 1997 titled Get Some but could not sustain themselves as a musical act after the death of the lead singer Lynn Strait.

 In a video message that has since been deleted, Doling called out Fred Durst for adding $NOT on the line-up. Doling kept calling Durst “friend” on the clip posted to his social media account.

Before the video was deleted, the website Blabbermouth.net transcribed it.

The musician said, “Mikey Doling here from the real SNOT. I’m making this video because there is a young rapper kid out there calling himself $NOT.

“I heard about him about a year and a half ago. [I] didn’t think nothing of it because he was in the Hip-Hop world, rapper — different worlds altogether,” he continued. “Well, now he has stepped into our lane, and I need to address it.

“LIMP BIZKIT just posted dates for a new tour, and they are taking this rapper kid named $NOT on tour with them,” he explained. “And I wanted to say to Fred Durst, if you see this video, how dare you, man? You were friends with SNOT. SNOT loved you, man. You came onstage with us and performed. Lynn [Strait, late SNOT frontman] went on stage with you in Boston. And you know the incident I’m talking about. We were friends. We shared drinks, stage, music [and] all that, and all these years later, you take an artist named $NOT on tour with you? What the f### is that, man? B#######.”

“So, yeah. I had to address it,” Doling added. “That’s my two cents. And to that fake $NOT kid — [extends middle finger] right there, brother. There’s only one f###### SNOT. Get some.”

The rapper $NOT, 24, responded to Doling via tweet. He wrote, “This actually ridiculous. Old man mad about my name.”

And now $NOT is being attacked by racists online. 

“These racist metal heads won’t leave me alone dawg 😭,” the rapper revealed. 

The Limp Bizkit “Still Sucks Tour” will kick off in Florida, the band’s home state, and will include hit New York City at Madison Square Garden (May 13th), Baltimore (May 15th), and Las Vegas (May 28th) and will end Los Angeles-area date (Ontario on May 31st).