Offset, 2 Chainz And YG Sued Over Collaboration

A budding rapper claims the trio of famous rappers had to steal his song in order to come up with a hit.

(AllHipHop News) Offset, 2 Chainz and YG have been sued over their hit song “Proud,” by an artist who claims he released his tune of the same name three years before the trio teamed up on the track.

Solomon Clanton, who goes by stage name Slugga, claimed in a lawsuit that the two songs have both similar lyrics and music, as well as the same hook – “I’m just tryin’ to make my mama proud.”

Clanton also alleged the trio’s “Proud” has the same spoken-word style intro, and the lyrics use a similar call-and-response technique to his track “Proud,” which he dropped in 2015.

He’s seeking profits from the Def Jam song, released in 2018, and has asked a judge to stop any further plays of the Offset, 2 Chainz and YG tune.

Representatives for the three stars have yet to comment on Clanton’s lawsuit.