“P.O.V: Perception of Violence” Movie About Cop Shooting Teen Right On Time For Black America

“P.O.V.: Perception of Violence” is a movie about a teenager shot by a white cop drops just as America grapples with the question of race – again!

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(AllHipHop News) Does art imitate life … or does life imitate art?

Seems like it can be both. Just look at how the Spike Lee produced “See You Yesterday,” a film about a Brooklyn teen (played by Eden Duncan-Smith) going back in time to save her brother from getting shot by a police officer, was one of the most viewed films on the Netflix streaming service for the year.

The movie “P.O.V: Perception of Violence” is one of those films.

“P.O.V: Perception of Violence” stars Chris Jarell, Jonathan C. Kaplan and Guyviaud Joseph. 

The trio helps viewers see why this film is important, especially as race-and-violence-ravished America digests the country’s current civil unrest, incited by police-involved shootings.

The award-winning short film opens with a narration by radio personality Charlamagne tha God and takes the viewer through the shooting of a young Black urban teen by a white officer.

The movie affords the view various perspectives of the murder by showing the point of view of each of the three main characters: the victim, the assailant, and the observer.

The subcontext of the film is one that the Hip-Hop community knows so well and deals with the contentious relationship between African American men and law enforcement.

Four years after its original release, this short still resonates.

The film duo, The Joseph Brothers (David and Guyviaud) are finally releasing this award-winning, socially conscious film, and time appropriate film now — hoping it can add healing from a dramatic space for everyone affected by police-involved shootings by giving them each voice depth.

Now released on YouTube, others will get a chance to check out this powerful film.