Philly Rapper Chynna Dead At 25

A$AP Mob affiliate, Chynna Rogers, died in her Philadelphia home — family releases a statement, but does not share how she died.

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(AllHipHop News) The Hip-Hop world is mourning as another light from yet another rising star was snuffed out too soon.

Yesterday, former Ford model, rapper and A$AP Mob affiliate, Chynna Rogers transitioned in her Philadelphia home leaving behind a host of fans, friends and family in tears.

At 25, she brought to the game a cool type of sexy, that translated easily both on wax and in her real life.

In a statement to People, the rapper’s family said simply: “Chynna was deeply loved and will be sorely missed,” not disclosing the circumstances to her death.

However, her music, past interviews, and social media may have clues.

In one 2018 interview with Pitchfork, Chynna stated that her addiction to opiates had consumed her life to such an extent that it started to affect her career.

“I realized I didn’t have control of the situation anymore the day that I didn’t even feel like getting high, and my body was like, ‘B##ch, you better get high before you start throwing up and acting like a fool,’” Chynna told the site only two years ago.

“It was really frustrating. It got to the point where I had to do something just to be able to get on stage and do my job. I didn’t like that. That was taking it too far because it stops being fun and starts being because you have to, and that’s when you need to chill.“

Throughout her interview, Chynna asserted her sobriety. But this cryptic tweet from her friend Quibi Brunson suggests something different.

“Just lost another friend to drugs. I’m not going to be quiet about it. I’m tired of drug culture. Everything about it. Everything attached to it. I know there’s a bigger picture. But i don’t care right now. I’m so tired. And sad.”

Whatever the cause, Chynna joins the growing list of super young rappers that have died in the first quarter of 2020.

The already bereaved industry has responded with just as much grief and disbelief as they did with Mac P and Pop Smoke.

Her big brothers in the A$AP Mob remembered her publicly.

West Coast rapper Vince Staples state while he usually would never post something like this, Chynna was “too special for words,” compelling him to share.

Kehlani, who seemed to share the same type of spirit and most certainly shared a friendship, could not contain her sadness.

She will be sorely missed.