Pimp C’s Son Goes To Court Seeking Control Of Late Rapper’s Estate


(AllHipHop News) Recent court documents suggest a battle for control of the estate of late rapper Pimp C is underway in Texas court.

A lawyer representing Pimp C.’s son Chad Butler Jr. recently filed documents in Jefferson County, Texas court, seeking to be named as the sole executor of the rapper’s estate.

The rapper died from an accidental overdose on cough medicine in combination with sleep apnea, on December 4, 2007.

Unfortunately, Pimp C did not leave a will.

The court appointed Pimp C’s wife Chinara Butler as the legally appointed administrator of the rap star’s estate in early 2008.

In 2010, Chinara was removed as an administrator after allegations that the estate’s finances and assets, including over $150,000 worth of jewelry, were being mismanaged.

A man named Fred Theobold was named Temporary Administrator of Pimp C’s estate in February but he resigned for unstated reasons, by June of 2010.

In July, Chinara was once again appointed Administrator of the estate, but Pimp’s son claims she hasn’t done anything meaningful regarding Pimp’s business for several years now.

Chad Butler Jr. claims the estate has failed to produce or maintain any meaningful financial records, although the estate is due thousands of dollars in revenue.

Chad Butler Jr. is seeking to appoint a lawyer named Wyatt D. Snider as the successor to Chinara Butler, in an attempt to get Pimp C’s estate in order.