Police Are Investigating Dr. Dre’s Wife Over $400,000 “Theft” 

Dr. Dre’s divorce from his estranged wife Nicole Young could also turn into a criminal investigation now that she is being accused of embezzling a fortune! 

As previously reported by AllHipHop.com, one of Dr. Dre’s business partners has accused his soon to be ex-wife Nicole Young of stealing money from their business.

Larry Chatman owns the Record One studio with the Aftermath Executive and during better times, Nicole was listed as one of the trustees and signatories that could make withdrawals from the company’s bank accounts on behalf of the LLC.

However, in late August, Nicole took advantage of those positions and withdrew $353,571.85 without the consent of the two proprietors. 

Both Chatman and Dr. Dre are considering this a criminal act of embezzlement — and since the monies have not been returned they’ve taken further steps.

Now, according to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department has been contacted and the belief is if charges are brought against her— she might do time in jail for the theft.

Nicole Young’s legal team says that she has done nothing wrong, claiming that if this money is connected to the $385,000 that Dr. Dre has mentioned in their divorce proceedings. 

Her position has not changed: her name is on the account so she has a right to it.

Dr. Dre and his wife are ending an almost three-decade marriage. While the hope was that the termination of the relationship would be amicable, it is not. 

There have been allegations of abuse, deception, embezzlement, and more. 

Strangely, Dre still has offered to pay for her security and sends her dinner from his private chef three to five times a week.