Polo G Bought His Brother An Insanely Expensive SUV For Christmas

Polo G

Polo G went all out for his family this year on Christmas dash including his 16-year-old brother who got an amazing gift from Chicago rapper!

Thanks to his hit album Hall of Fame, Chicago rapper Polo G had a breakout year.

So it is no surprise he went all out for his family over the Christmas holiday.

The rapper put up some big bucks to make his family happy this year. His immediate relatives were gifted everything from expensive jewelry to designer sweaters.

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However, the most exciting gift went to his younger brother, Trench Baby, who is damn near still a baby. Polo bought his 16-year-old brother a 2022 range Rover.

In the clip, Polo G leads his brother outside their house, where the dark blue SUV is sitting in front of the house, wrapped with a bright red bow.

Trench Baby is rightfully overcome with joy and excitement thanks to Polo G’s present, which has a starting price tag of $100,000.

“New 2022 Range Rover. Man words couldn’t explain what I’m feeling Rn. My big brudda always make sure he come thru for the kid no matter what it is. Love broski 5eva. Thank u. Bought me my first car some I’ll never forget.”

Polo G’s gift to Trench Baby is also his younger brother’s first car. Take a look at the footage at Trench Baby’s reaction below:


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